2021 Episodes

Fayette County Reservoir

Clark Wendlandt shares the boat with his son-in-law and outdoorsman, Michael Wersig, on what is arguably one of the best little bass fishing lakes in the nation — Fayette County Reservoir!

Lake Whitney

Clark Wendlandt meets up with Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Frank Talley on this highland lakes reservoir where they both share secrets on crankbait fishing in cold weather on Lake Whitney.

Hubbard Creek

Clark Wendlandt and Wade Middleton venture to a body of water that was almost dry recently but that has rebounded nicely. This will be both of theirs’s first trip ever to this body of water so you’ll see first hand how they dissect this lake. Ivie, a lake that both have visited only a handful of times but also has big bass potential.

Lake Amistad

Clark Wendlandt and Garmin’s Brandon Brinkman fish Lake Amistad and hunt turkey in Bracketville, Texas while competing in the annual Yamaha Turkey Bass Smash.